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I'm excited to announce that yet again, we have a legend here and this time all one has to do is go back to the glory days of animation where the most memorable shows from the past possessed a common thread; STORY.  When you look at an animated cartoon (past or present...Series or Movie production) the common thread to all of the hugely successful productions is that they are all "story driven"! As my guest today, Tony Benedict, will tell you, story doesn't necessarily equate to being dialogue heavy; you can drive a story with action as well.

If the animation is beautiful, but the story is lacking, it WILL be forgotten. It takes a special talent and a creative mind to be able to write these stories thus bringing a cartoon to life. Tony Benedict is one of these talents and with a career that started out at Disney and journeyed through the best studios in the business, his ability to pen a script and accompany it with a storyboard earned him instant respect as well as a strong fan base that still flourishes today.

The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla and The Pink Panther Show left an indelible mark on my youth and I know that I'm not alone.  We can thank the many talented people behind the scenes that made it all happen and Tony Benedict is one of those writing legends that is here with me today.

Join me as I interview the genius behind some of the most memorable cartoons to grace the TV sets of yesteryear and yet still today!

Be sure to check out Tony's blog, The Last Cartoonery for more information, fun facts and homage to the hey day of 2D animation and all things Hanna Barbera.

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I remember perusing through the paltry animated series offerings in the 90's on my television and just pining for a cartoon that one could enjoy as an adult as well as a child. Where had all of those great animated shows disappeared to? Pink Panther, Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Flinstones......ahhhhh,..but lo and behold,.....what do my tear filled eyes see? It's The Angry Beavers!!! It came at a time when cartoon programming needed it! It came when everyone needed it! It was a fantastic series that was created by a fantastic creative talent; Mitch Schauer.


One glance at Mitch's body of work in the creative entertainment industry and you will discover a resume that features a wide array of illustration work, comic books, graphic novels and full featured animation with all of the big name studios! With a focus on "family friendly entertainment", we need Mitch; heck, the animation industry needs Mitch!

If it were possible, I could see a little bit of Mitch Schauer in one of his recent character creations, RIP MD. He would look past the scary personna of a monster and dig a bit deeper to understand the psyche of the beast. It's called "heart" and Mitch has a large one at that! You can see it in every one of his projects!


Join me as I interview the incredible Mitch Schauer as he discusses his career, his passion for animation and the career tributaries taken to get to where he is today.


You can check out RIP MD. here:RIP, M.D. or The Angry Beavers Complete Series on DVD: The-Angry-Beavers-Complete-Series and Hulk and the Agents of SMASH:hulk_and_the_agents_of_smash.

Also you can see more of Mitch's art here: Mitch Schauer

I can be reached here:


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One look at the comic strip, "Pipe the Pelican", and I was hooked! With a vibe that dates back to the 30's and 40's, the style, the line art and the design aspects all point to an earlier time in cartooning history. There is a certain innocence and sense of boundless imagination in Jason Lethcoe's story and it is difficult to break away from it once you enter into Pipe's world.

There's so much more to Jason than his wonderful comic strip too. One glance at his resume that features a wide array of illustration work, children's books and full featured animation and you know that you are dealing with an industry pro.

Join me as I interview the amazing talent, Jason Lethcoe as he discusses his career, his passion for cartooning and the unconventional path taken to get to where he is today.

Check out Pipe the Pelican here: Pipe the Pelican or here:Go Comics _Pipe the Pelican

Check out Wizard Tree Animation Studios

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I discovered Mark Siegel purely by accident as I often do with many of my special guests on this webcast. Listening to a friend's webcast, ( I heard him talk about this really neat webcomic that will soon be released as a graphic novel (October 5th) entitled, "Sailor Twain or the Mermaid In The Hudson".  The fact that Mark employed the use of charcoal for his art throughout the story really entrigued me. After visiting his website ( I perused through the first 10 pages of the story that he generously offers in its entirety and immediately fell in love. Siegel's use of charcoal is masterful and a perfect fit for the backdrop of the story. Digging a bit deeper and learning of his diverse background, it's amazing to me how I missed this talented artist's work throughout the years. His portfolio is as vast as his experience and it was a pleasure to interview him and I'm grateful to him for allowing me to take some time out of his busy schedule to share his story with me. Mark is also the Editorial Director at First Second Books.

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I recall as if it were yesterday, running over to the magazine rack in the grocery store when I was 10 years old, with the hopes of spotting the latest edition of MAD magazine.  I wasn't always permitted to purchase the copy despite its advertised "cheap" price. Carefully I would seek out the "Fold in" and gently turn in the pages to see a transformation that wowed me as well as a million other readers throughout the world. It was interactive eye candy in 1974, and I was all too happy to partake in it! Since its beginnings in 1964, Al Jaffee's MAD magazine fold in gags have delighted us with their quick wit, hilarious satire and wonderful watercolor illustrations! There's more to this MAD man than meets the eye,...and I was fortunate enough to sit down with Al for an in-depth look at the gentleman behind the pages. The creator of Inferior Man, Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal shares with me, the many stories behind the events that lead him to a MAD life. For additional information after the interview, please be sure to check out his biography, "Al Jaffee's MAD Life" published by IT Books and available here.

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I recall laying in bed while reading books to my son and picking up an all ages comic book that had been sitting on a stack just within arm's reach on the floor.  I had purchased a few books from our local comic shop a week prior and had placed them by my son's bed with the hopes of discovering a series that I could feel good about reading to a then inquisitive 8 year old. It was then that he and I first discovered the marvelous world of Franklin Richards.  After a few pages in, I was hooked!  The mastermind behind this great series was none other than Chris Eliopoulos and after this discovery, so too came the discovery of his other masterpiece, the online webcomic sensation Misery Loves Sherman.  Chris is a lettering phenom as well as a gifted artist, and hand-lettered the first 100 issues of the ongoing Savage Dragon series, even after much of the comic book industry (including Eliopoulos himself, on other titles) had come to rely on computer-generated fonts for dialogue.

He designed the fonts for Marvel Comic's in-house computer lettering unit. He has also contributed lettering work to Valiant Comics, DC Comics, and other publishers. For Dark Horse Comics, Eliopoulos wrote and/or drew some Star Wars stories.

Join me as I interview the amazing artist, Chris Eliopoulos, as he talks about his career, his art and his passion for the All-Ages genre as well as some of the roads that lead him to where he is today.

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In my household, its an impossibility to leave for work without at least seeing some excerpts from the cartoon hit, "My Life as a Teenage Robot" created by Rob Renzetti. My son has to watch it on TV before he heads off to school, therefore I must walk past it on my way to the kitchen. There's a reason for this ritual, and it is basically because my son only watches what he considers to be the BEST in cartoons.  His list is a short one, but My Life as a Teenage Robot is right at the top!

After watching it for awhile, I must agree! Jenny (XJ9) is a wonderful character and the stories are excellent! Ahhh but those lab rats!!!! Oh,...and the Silver Shell!!!! The art is well executed, the stories have a plot and the voices are top notch!

Join me as I interview the amazing talent, Rob Renzetti, behind this amazing show that has graced our televisions across the globe.  Rob was generous enough to share an hour with me as we covered his early career slaving away in the smoke clouds in Spain, leading up to the "healthier" atmosphere located in the states, working on cartoons such as Mina and the Count, Two Stupid Dogs, Dexter's Laboratory, My life as a Teenage Robot and countless others!

Most may consider Rob an animation legend already, but one thing is for sure, he is an amazing talent and it was an honor to talk with him.

Check out the sister site for additional photos and notes pertaining to this podcast:

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It's spooky, it's creepy, it's absolutely hilarious and it's poised to take the comic strip world by storm! Scary Gary is a comic strip reminiscent of the old Addam's Family style of humor, and after reading just a few strips back when I first discovered it in June, I was hooked! 

Join me as I interview the wonderfully talented Mark Buford, the mastermind and artist behind the comic strip Scary Gary as we cover the history behind the strip and his hopes and plans for the future of the retired vampire and his faithful henchman, Leopold. Mark has had previous syndicated comic success with another strip and we will discuss this, as well as his approach toward the development of Scary Gary.

The timing was right for this interview and I hope you enjoy this special "Hallow's Eve" edition of the BOING! podcast.
Check out the sister site for additional photos and notes pertaining to this podcast:

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I could not have imagined turning on my family's old Admiral TV in the 60's and hearing a different voice coming from the lip-synched lips of Tweety and Sylvester's beloved Granny or from the mouth of that fast gliding Rocket J. Squirrel from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  Equally as important as great art and a great story, a great voice can make a cartoon character last forever in our hearts and become etched in our memory.

Join me as I interview the wonderfully talented and legendary voice actress June Foray and cover a prolific career that spans through an incredibly diverse history in the entertainment world. June has voiced so many characters in the animation world, that it's almost impossible to acknowledge them all. Today I focus primarily on Rocky J. Squirrel mainly because,...well,..he's the one that I WANT to focus on! 

So now without further delay,'s something I hope you'll REALLY like!!

Check out the sister site for additional photos and notes pertaining to this podcast:

The intro music "King of Cool" was produced and used with permission by PONGAMOOSIC at

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From the dairy farm in Payson, Utah, to an animation studio in Ireland, Don Bluth has done it all! I was fortunate enough to sit down with Don as he talks candidly about his past, his present and the future regarding his work in the animation industry. There are so many great lessons to be learned in this discussion and just talking with Don can be a motivating experience all by itself! Don's amazing career didn't just happen by chance so much as it did by seizing opportunities and taking risks along the way.  His talents and skills as an animator, character designer, and instructor can be seen and experienced firsthand at his website:
Check out more of Don's amazing work at the Boing! sister site:

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