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Boing! will be moving along!

Hey there fellow tooners! I appreciate your listening to the BOING! podcast and recently I have been slowly working on phasing this out from the confines of Libsyn to a new location. I have also toyed around with a name change to "ZOINKS!" which was my original plan for this webcast back in 2009. Actually I wanted to call it BOING BOING,..but that was taken. Maybe I will go back to BOING BOING but with all caps and that would be different than the unrelated lowercase counterpart.  I don't know.  Eventually I'll settle on the new name whatever that may be.  Maybe BOING BOING Tooncast!  Yeah,..that might do it.  I do like ZOINKS! too and for now I'll throw that at the top of the new page. 

You will see at the new site that the URL will have "BOING" in it, so this name change thing is very recent; like just yesterday! 

This site will stay up for awhile, so no hurry if you still have this bookmarked. I was already paying for space on the other site and not using it, I decided it was time to do something about that.

I will also host a personal blog about art tools; my favorite pencils, pens, brushes, paper, tablet PC's etc. That will be later.

Also I will begin a page featuring MY ART! Yeah, you heard me! I'm a cartoonist too! Go figure!

Well take care and thanks again for following along with these fun interviews!


As always, your comments are welcome:

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Boing! #17-Lowell Hess Encore Interview

This past December, the creative community lost a very wonderful person as well as a one of the most talented illustrators of our time; Lowell Hess.

I was privileged to interview Lowell (twice) and meet him in person at his residence along with his wife Nancy. They treated me like family and opened their home up to me while allowing me to peruse through some absolutely amazing art pieces from throughout Lowell’s incredible career.  After the memory of such a great guest during one of my earlier interviews (see guest list) was weighing heavy on my mind, I suddenly recalled a shorter encore interview (follow up) that I conducted with Lowell not too long after the original. It was quite casual in nature and I asked him to explain a bit more about his process regarding his gouache illustrations.

In typical Hess fashion, he hesitated not for a second and described to me in detail about working with gouache, how he preferred to work at a smaller scale and how to freshen up a soiled gouache illustration too. The more he shared with me, the more I realized what an amazing talent I was listening to! In a sense, he truly could do it all.

Well, as luck would have it, I located the disc with that encore interview and decided that I should share it with those who might be interested. I will refer to this as the Lowell Hess Encore Interview. So after blowing off the dust from the 6 year old disc, I present to you once again; Lowell Hess.

This encore interview can be accessed here:Lowell Hess Special Encore Interview

The new site for BOING! (now Zoinks!) is here: ZOINKS!

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Boing! #16-Jerry Eisenberg Interview

As a young lad on Saturday mornings during the late 60's and early 70's, transfixed in front of our little color TV in the den... watching as many cartoons as possible...., it never once occurred to me that behind all of the wonderful art and hilarious plots, were many talented artists, writers, designers and animators that labored away to produce this fantastic stuff in some studio in sunny California.

The Flintstones, Jetsons, Fang Face, Peter Potamus and the Wacky Races, just to name a few, grabbed my attention at an early age and never let go. I held on to each and every episode about as tightly as I clutched my cereal bowl filled to the brim with Quisp or Kaboom sugar ladened cereal.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that I was going to be interviewing one of the legends; an animation giant....partly responsible for my Saturday morning cartoon over-indulgences.

Jerry Eisenberg may be a stranger to some that have not familiarized themselves with the animation industry, but to those who are and to those that were captivated by the cartoons from the past, you know EXACTLY who he is.  So with this knowledge, I give Jerry my 3 spoon salute,...of course...replete with dripping rainbow colored milk sliding from the spoons back into the bowl of Kaboom cereal! It is the highest honor I can give!

So sit back and enjoy this hour and a half interview that will take you down many fantastic roads through the wonderful career of this cartoon legend.



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 Boing! #15-Tony Benedict Interview

I'm excited to announce that yet again, we have a legend here and this time all one has to do is go back to the glory days of animation where the most memorable shows from the past possessed a common thread; STORY.  When you look at an animated cartoon (past or present...Series or Movie production) the common thread to all of the hugely successful productions is that they are all "story driven"! As my guest today, Tony Benedict, will tell you, story doesn't necessarily equate to being dialogue heavy; you can drive a story with action as well.

If the animation is beautiful, but the story is lacking, it WILL be forgotten. It takes a special talent and a creative mind to be able to write these stories thus bringing a cartoon to life. Tony Benedict is one of these talents and with a career that started out at Disney and journeyed through the best studios in the business, his ability to pen a script and accompany it with a storyboard earned him instant respect as well as a strong fan base that still flourishes today.

The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla and The Pink Panther Show left an indelible mark on my youth and I know that I'm not alone.  We can thank the many talented people behind the scenes that made it all happen and Tony Benedict is one of those writing legends that is here with me today.

Join me as I interview the genius behind some of the most memorable cartoons to grace the TV sets of yesteryear and yet still today!

Be sure to check out Tony's blog, The Last Cartoonery for more information, fun facts and homage to the hey day of 2D animation and all things Hanna Barbera.

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